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ProMatte™ is a new filament offered exclusively by Type A Machines in collaboration with Polymaker. It is the beginning of a wave of high-performance, high-quality, versatile materials which can be used on the Series 1 and Print Pod. It is available in Black Matte and Ivory White Matte, and available in 230 meter spools.

Stunningly Beautiful Finish

ProMatte produces a beautiful matte finish right off the print bed. The  matte texture is unlike the majority of other filaments, which naturally obscures the visual impact of the layers that occur naturally in FDM 3D prints. Yet even the smallest details stand out at a level previously unseen in filament materials.

Athena by MyMiniFactory

Lightweight and Strong

ProMatte weighs roughly 30% less than standard PLA, while retaining a great deal of the strength of PLA. Prints are more flexible and malleable than PLA, and thus will bend more before breaking. ProMatte can therefore be used in applications where weight savings are a critical design requirement.


The World’s Most Post-Processable Filament

ProMatte can be sanded, tumbled, torched, and even carved! When sanding ProMatte, using progressively lower grit sandpaper produces an amazing shine. Depending on the geometry of your object, tumbling can also produce a smooth, beautiful texture that will make you wonder if it ever came off an FFF machine. Using a handheld blowtorch can remove strings and other artifacts, and if you want to add some detailed artistic touches, you can use a sharp craft knife to etch into the material.

ProMatte Drone Part

 Measured by Length, Saving you Material.

ProMatte is the first material in our store to be measured primarily by length and not weight. This new way of measurement accommodates the way slicing engines measure filament requirements. The transparent spool, allows you to see how much filament you have left, which you can compare to the requirements of the print.

Surface Treatment Requirement: Glue with heated glass seems to work on most geometries tested. For larger parts, a heated bed is recommended.

Retraction: We advise against using excessive retraction distance, as it doesn't reduce retraction artifacts on ProMatte prints. That said, it's incredibly easy to remove strings on ProMatte prints.


  • Glass Transition Temperature: 60 ˚C (140 ˚F)
  • Melting Point: 150-160 ˚C (302-320 ˚F)
  • Density: ~0.8 g/cm3
  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Diameter Tolerance: ±120µm
  • Typical Diameter Tolerance: ±100µm
  • Print Temperature Range: 180-240 ˚C
  • Heated Bed: 60 ˚C recommended, but not required.
  • Build Surface Treatment: Glue on Glass
  • Spool Size: 230 meter / 500 gram

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