Palette Upgrade to Palette+

*First Batch Ships July 31st, 2017

Must be bought together with "Round-Trip Shipping for Palette+ Upgrade" ($81). Flat rate round-trip shipping to and from Mosaic Manufacturing in Toronto, Canada. Once purchased, we will send you a shipping label to send your Palette in for the upgrade. 

For Existing Palette Customers Only


Multi-Material printing has taken a big step forward at an even lower price. Mosaic Manufacturing has launched the Palette+, the upgrade to the Palette that brings an even wider material capability to multi-material printing.

Move beyond just PLA and print with:

  • Water soluble materials
  • Flexible materials (TPUs)
  • Food safe PETG

Mix and match these different materials all on one single printer with the Palette+ and Series 1 Pro. 

Upgrade your Palette to a Palette+ for only $250 pround-trip shipping. We'll send you a shipping label, you send your Palette back to Mosaic Manufacturing in Toronto, Canada, they will upgrade your unit to a Palette+ and send it back to you.