*First Batch Ships July 31st, 2017

Multi-Material printing has taken a big step forward at an even lower price. Mosaic Manufacturing has launched the Palette+, the upgrade to the Palette that brings an even wider material capability to multi-material printing.

Move beyond just PLA and print with:

  • Water soluble materials
  • Flexible materials (TPUs)
  • Food safe PETG.

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Mix and match these different materials all on one single printer with the Palette+ and Series 1 Pro. 

One of Palette+’s biggest enhancements is its compatibility with more material combinations including: water-soluble support, flexible TPUs, PETG, and more. 

Through the combination of these materials, Palette+ brings industrial functionality to the desktop market, and allows most FFF printers to create a wider variety of objects.

Palette+ enables the creation of tough, temperature resistant, recyclable, and food safe prints with PETG. describes PETG filament as “durable and easy to print” and “likely to take over as the most commonly-used filament.”

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