Palette Beta Program

*Please note: Listed price is $999 for Palette plus a flat shipping rate of $39 for all orders in the Continental United States. Palette ships from Mosaic Manufacturing in Toronto, Canada.

Type A Machines is partnering with Mosaic Manufacturing to bring the Palette to the Series 1 line of printers. 

With the Palette, you will be able to print up to 4 different colors or materials on one print seamlessly from the same extruder. 

While the Palette produces unbelievable multi-color prints, due to the very nature of multi-filament printing throughput can be low. Therefore, we offer these first units to those interested in participating in our “Palette Beta Program”, where we experiment and share best practices with the community.

This Palette Beta Program is the price of the Palette ($999) and is open to the first 10 participants. If interested please signup via the button below. We will send you info on the program and one (1) Palette (Expect two weeks for delivery).

We hope you’re as excited about the possibilities of Multi-Filament printing as we are!



Series 1 3D Printers just got a whole lot more colorful


BenchyMaoriBlue Green Planetary


Print up to Four Colors at Once. All from one G2 Extruder.
Enabling the Cleanest Multi-Filament Prints, Without Sacrificing Build Volume