IGUS i180

i180 is made exclusively for 3D printing, and made by IGUS, the world’s leader in plastic bearings. i180 is specifically designed for easy printing and high durability. It is more flexible than its sister material i170 and more resilient to shock and strain. i180 is durable and excellent for high performance in motion system applications. It has an extremely low rate of wear, coupled with impact resistance. Quality finished motion components can be produced directly on any Series 1 3D printer.

Collections: Filament

Category: high-temp, performance

Recommended uses:

  • Small batch manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Motion components
  • Bearings
  • Sliders
  • Test rigs


  • Rate of wear: 0.005 (mm/km) Chrome Plated Shaft (CF53)
  • Rate of wear: 0.002 (mm/km) Stainless Steel (V2A)
  • 1.75mm diameter
  • 250 G spool

Note: Iglide i180-pf should not be printed above 290°C as harmful decomposition products are emitted. A print surface heated to 90-110°C is recommended.

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