Core Supply Kit


2-6 week lead time

Series 1 Pro and Series 1 power users know that time is money. Your Series 1 Pro and Series 1 are already covered by an industry leading product warranty. But if you need to recover from downtime fast, then the Supply Kit has what you need to be up and printing ASAP.

Your Printer's First Aid Kit

Composed of all the parts that are prone to wear and tear from extended use or bumps and bruises, the Supply Kit 1 is like a first aid kit for your Series 1 3D Printer.

Time is Money

The Series 1's modular design means easy repairs. When you contact our knowledgeable service team, our specialists will tell you what part you need from your kit, and how to use or install it to repair your Series 1 3D printer. Having an on-hand supply kit means no waiting for a shipment, saving you valuable time, and money. If your repair requires parts not included in your supply kit, your specialist will ship the replacement part (Free of charge if under warranty). Our goal is to enable you to recover from downtime quickly and efficiently.

Is your Series 1 3D printer one year warranty expired? No problem, simply contact our Service Professional who can provide a quote for any replacement part..

What's in the Box


40mm fan

TMC2100 Stepper Drivers (3)

SD card, software pre-loaded

X Ribbon Cable


M4x6 low head socket cap screw (8)

M3x6 low head socket cap screw (10)

M3x12 nylon machine screw (8)

M3 Nylon Nut (4)

M3 Nylon Spacer for Electronics (8)

Set Screw (2)


Ceramic screwdriver

 Hex Drivers (set)



Hotend (Stainless Steel or Tungsten Carbide select variant above)


Small package thermal grease

Small tube lithium grease

To receive replacement parts under your Series 1 warranty, you must contact Support for our specialists to diagnose your problem.

Currently we have a 2-6 week lead time on this product.  

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