Type A Machines Limited Warranty

Type A Machines, Inc.
Series 1 3D Printer
Publication Date 10/27/2014

For Series 1 orders placed from 12/13/2013 to 10/26/2014 please click here.

What Do the Terms Used in this Warranty Mean?

As used in this warranty policy, “we” and “us” refer to Type A Machines, a California corporation with offices at 926 Howard St. San Francisco, California 94103.

“You” are the owner and user of a Type A Machines Product.

“Product” means any hardware made for or by us that you purchase from us or from a Type A Machines Authorized Reseller.

An “Authorized Reseller” is any online or physical retail store that has an agreement to purchase hardware and other items directly from us for resale.

“Delivery” is the date that that the person who bought the product from us or from an Authorized Reseller originally received the Product.

"Factory Specification" is the configuration that a Product originally ships with.

"Factory Packaging" is the packaging that the Product originally shipped in, or like packaging provided by us.

A “Return Merchandise Authorization,” also called an “RMA” is a number issued by us that shows that we have prepared to receive your Product back for warranty support.

Who is Covered by This Warranty?

Any owner of a Product is covered by this warranty. We recommend that if you are not the[a] original purchaser of the Product, you ask for and retain documentation relating to the original date of delivery of your Product.

How long does this warranty last?

This warranty runs for one year from the Delivery day. If neither you nor we are able to document Delivery of your Product, we will presume that Delivery was made on the day the product was purchased. If you are not the original purchaser of the Product, we suggest that you request and maintain delivery information from the original purchaser. 

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship of the following components:

  • wiring and wire connectors
  • linear slides and linear slide bearings
  • stepper motors
  • power supply
  • electronics
  • sheet aluminum chassis 

These components are rated to last for one year or more from the delivery date.

What About My Hot End?

The hot-end of the Series 1 is considered a consumable part. These are expected to wear out from time to time depending on how you use your Product. In order for you to fully test your new Product, we will repair or replace up to one hot end at no expense to you if your support request is made in the first 60 days from the delivery date. We may first provide you with repair materials and or instructions to attempt a user repair before we repair or replace your hot end.

What Will Type A Machines Do to Correct Problems?

If you’re unhappy with your Product, we will do our best to repair any warrantied components using new or refurbished parts. If the repair can be made easily using tools included with your Product, we may give you parts and instructions for you to make the repair. If you can’t make the repair, we will ask you to deliver the product to us. If we can’t repair the product after a reasonable number of tries, we will replace your product or refund the full purchase price at our election. A Product that is replaced under warranty may be replaced with a comparable Product in new or refurbished condition. We will pay for parts, labor, and outbound shipping costs using ground or economy shipping from us to United States addresses. The cost of any additional packaging materials you may need to return products to us, inbound shipping to us, any expedited shipping you may request, as well as shipping to destinations outside the United States, will be your responsibility.

What if I Modify My Product?

Type A Machines loves tinkerers and we encourage you to make safe modifications to your Product. If you do modify your Product, your modification may prevent us from repairing your Product. Before we can make repairs, we may ask you to undo any modifications and return your product to Factory Specification. If you submit your Product to us for repairs and it has modifications, we may ship your product back without repairs, or we may repair it despite the modification. We can’t promise that we will leave your modifications intact. If you submit a modified Product to us for repairs, any damage or loss we may cause to your modifications will be your responsibility, not ours.

What Do I Need to Do to Keep the Warranty in Effect?

In order to show that the item you are requesting support for is a covered Product, we require that the serial number on the product be intact and not defaced in any way.

How Do I Get Warranty Service?

To get warranty service please visit the Support section of our website at support.typeamachines.com and fill out a service request form. 

Before shipping your product to Type A Machines, you must have a Return Merchandise Authorization number. The RMA allows us to set aside time and resources to repair your Product. It also connects your support problem to your Product so that we can make support determinations as quickly as possible. We can not accept delivery of products received without an RMA. Any products shipped to us without an RMA will not be accepted, and will be shipped back to you.

How should I package my warranty return?

To speed up your repair, reduce costs, and reduce environmental waste, please keep your original packaging during this warranty period. If you have discarded your packaging, and need to ship a Product for warranty repair or return, please contact us and we will provide you with factory packaging at a nominal cost plus the cost for us to ship your replacement packaging to you. If you ship your product without using Factory Packaging your product may be broken during shipping. This warranty does not cover repairs to machines that break because they were shipped in non-Factory Packaging.

What if I need help with my product but my warranty is expired?

We are happy to provide free technical support for your Product through our online service portal and through our forum. We also offer replacement parts and repair services at an additional cost.

What is Not Covered By this Warranty?

  • This warranty does not cover cosmetic or accidental damage.
  • This product is designed for indoor use under room temperature conditions. The warranty does not cover outdoor use or use in extreme high or low temperatures or high humidity environments.
  • We discourage printing with unsupported printing materials. This warranty does not cover damage to the Product caused by using unsupported printing materials. Unsupported printing materials are any materials not specifically designated as safe for use with the Product. Although this warranty does not cover damage caused by printing using unsupported materials, using unsupported materials will not void your warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused due to shipping a product for warranty repair or refund in non Factory Packaging. 
  • This warranty does not cover the modifications  that you make to  the Product. Please see the section called "What if I modify my Product" for an explanation of how modifications affect this warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover software provided or recommended for use with your Product. Help with software is available through our user forum at http://forum.typeamachines.com/ .
  • Except as stated in this policy and to the extent required by law, this warranty does not cover transportation to and from the dealer or manufacturer to get warranty service, loss of time, loss of use, loss of actual or anticipated profits, downtime, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss of business, or any other incidental or consequential damages from whatever cause, including breach of warranty or negligence, even if Type A Machines has been advised of the possibility of such claims or damages.

What if I have a problem that Type A Machines Can’t Address?

If you have a problem that we can’t address, we encourage you to pursue a non-binding mediation procedure. Mediation is an inexpensive and informal process that will help you and us to come to an agreeable solution. To learn more about mediation, please contact Type A Machines for a copy of our mediation policy.

What Law Governs This Warranty?

This warranty is governed by California state law. This warranty will be interpreted in accordance with California state law. Any litigation under this agreement will be brought in the trial courts of San Francisco County, State of California, which will have sole jurisdiction.

How Does State Law Relate to This Warranty?

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state and country to country.

What are the Headings in this Warranty For?

The headings in this warranty are descriptive questions that are meant to make it easier for you to understand the warranty. They do not form part of the warranty.