Now there’s an entirely new way to get your hands on a Series 1 or Print Pod.
Equipment leasing provides a low-cost way to acquire equipment to start or
supplement your existing business.



Series 1
As low as
*$72.98 Per Month
*Based on 60-month
$1 Buyout Lease

Print Pod w/6 Series 1s
           As low as
    *$650 Per Month
 *Based on 60-month
     $1Buyout Lease



Six Advantages

Every Business Can Use

Leasing brings six major advantages directly to your company’s business and bottom line.

Essentially, the advantage to leasing over buying means no large capital equipment expenditures.


  1. Eliminate Equipment Obsolescence:
    The 3D printing industry is rapidly evolving - leasing protects you from  obsolescence. Add-on or upgrade during the finance term. At the end of the term, choose to return or purchase the equipment.
  2. 100 percent financing:
    Leasing with Type A Machines means conserving valuable working capital. With 100% financing, no money changes hands at the inception of your lease. Just imagine what this means for your cash flow.
  3. Flexibility:
    Financing provides flexibility that purchasing does not offer, including: no money down, payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles and a variety of end of finance term options.
  4. Higher Purchasing Power:
    Leasing gives you more purchasing power than using either cash or bank loans. Here’s how: when purchasing equipment with cash, taxes are generally paid up front. This effectively reduces the total you can spend on the equipment, materials, or services. By leasing, you can effectively bundle to cover all your needs in one low monthly payment.
  5. Tax advantages:
    Leasing provides significant tax benefits to a business owner. Separate from any tax benefit your company may gain, lease payments can reduce taxable income in a more appropriate manner than depreciation expense. An operating lease is very much  like a rental, enabling you to expense the entire lease payment, for the full term of the lease.
  6. Predictable, Low Monthly Payments:
    Financing enables payment over time, rather than investing a lump sum upfront. Monthly payments can be tailored to budget levels or revenue streams and may be tax deductible.


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