Magnetic Iron PLA

Proto-pasta Magnetic Iron PLA is a ferromagnetic material which behaves as pure iron––it even rusts for artistic effects! This material enables magnetically active projects, such as sensors or simple motors. Magnetic Iron PLA acts magnificently as a performance material, enabling a new frontier of creative projects and useful applications. A heated bed is not required for printing Magnetic Iron PLA, which has a unique metallic finish direct from the printer and can be polished to a shine. Perfect for robotic parts and jewelry as well!

Collections: Filament, Holiday Sale 2017

Category: finish, performance

Recommended uses:

  • Sensor components
  • Compasses
  • Shielding


  • Behaves similar to pure iron
  • 1.75mm diameter
  • 500 G spool

Note: Magnetic Iron PLA is more abrasive than standard PLA and may cause accelerated nozzle wear.

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