Print the Legend

by Kim Reyes September 25, 2014

Print the Legend is the Netflix Original documentary that highlights the disruptive technology of 3D printing, and it is now available for streaming online. The 90-minute film takes a closer look at the industry’s challenges, controversies, and promises, bringing to light an idea that still feels entirely futuristic to some, and wholly revolutionary to others.

From the directors who brought us Freakonomics, Clay Tweel and Luis Lopez take viewers on a journey through their SXSW 2014 Accepted Film that first began conception about two years ago.

Tweel, who claims he knew “nothing” about 3D printing, and Lopez not only highlight 3D printing’s positives, but also manage to include commentary from ex-employees of big 3D printing companies, resulting in an intriguing documentary that we’ll definitely watch this weekend.

Print the Legend will also play in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

Original story appears in Mashable and The LA Times.

Kim Reyes
Kim Reyes


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